Coaching for Direction

From the moment we awake until the moment we go to sleep, we make decisions. What shall I have for breakfast? What should I wear?  Should I watch another episode of this boxset before bed? Eat another packet of Doritos? (other snacks are available).

Even though some of us are incredibly indecisive, and conflicted, we don’t usually need professional help with every day decisions.

But now and again, we face a choice that’s life-changing. 

Should I take this job?

Leave this job?

Leave this relationship?

Move to another town? Or even another country?

Buy this house? Or this one? Or should we rent for a few months while we figure out the lay of the land?

Sometimes we choose change – as I did when I chose to study for an MA in Creative Writing when still a lawyer which, in turn, led to a doctorate and a complete change of career. At other times, change is thrust upon us – such as in the case of redundancy or a relationship breakdown. In either case, it’s how we navigate such change that shapes our lives.

Friends and family can help, but they may not be impartial; or they may have outdated ideas about who you are and what you need. A skilled, experienced coach can be invaluable in these situations – someone to help you chew over the options, explore whether you have all the data you need to make an informed choice, examine the pros and cons and inspire you to come up with possibilities you had never imagined or had assumed were out of reach. 

Ultimately, of course, the decision will be yours. But if you need a supportive, impartial guide to walk you through a decision, then get in touch – without obligation – to discuss whether your situation is one we could work on together.

At a crossroads, coaching can help you find a renewed purpose and direction, to make new choices and to identify and take the actions needed to lead you towards a happier and more successful future.